India Art Fair

Indian Art Fair
India Art Fair

Meet this Indian gem

India Art Fair is a modern and contemporary art fair. Taking place in New Delhi, it brings together amazing artists and many interested buyers. As said in MeetExpo, it reflects the country’s fast-developing art scene. Born in 2011, it showcases over 75 exhibitors from 20 cities across the world. With performances, talks, showrooms and more it makes the city become alive.  

2020 be ready for this year’s fair!

The twelve edition of the fair has a partnership with BMW Group. As in past editions, we are excited to see what this will mean. BMW participates in the gallery by showcasing cars with special designs. Let’s not forget Jeff Koons collaboration by designing a M3GT2. For 2020, they are showcasing the 1979 BMW by Andy Warhol.  Also, large-scale installations, screenings, performances and live events will be present. Galleries will display a dialogue with historical paintings presented by modern artists. At the same time, they look to expand their Film programme which will cover the queering culture. 

Exhibitions inside the India Art Fair
India Art Fair exhibitions

Artists that cause goosebumps

Another amazing thing about the Indian Art Fair, is the amount of creativity found in upcoming and established artists. In addition to its famous exhibitions full of colors and textures, there are some artists that simply blow our minds. Starting with the renowned ones like Jeff Koons to rising artists like Sudipta Das who amazed everyone. So we chose two artists and decided to tell you a bit more of their work.

Installation by Aminul Islam Ashik
Art installation by Aminul Islam Ashik showing Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and Myanmar’s State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi stand on display at the India Art Fair, in New Delhi

Jae Yong Kim

Born in South Korea in 1987, Jae Yong Kim creates amazing sculptures. His pieces normally refer to human issues through simple shapes like snails or his dog Momo. On the other hand, he made a collaboration with jewelry designer Sally Sohn. He often creates with the idea of a missing and not stable home. This is what makes his pieces so exciting and full of emotions. If you find him as astonishing as we do check his web page to understand more of what happens in this artist’s mind. 

Sudipta Das

Born in 1985 Sudipta Das is a modern and contemporary artist who experiments with materials. Her work has been featured in several exhibitions and online newspapers. In Mutual Art magazine they name some of them. In recent Indian Art fairs, she amazed presented portraits made of coffee. She creates textures by adding pieces of paper and layering them creating dimensions and life to her artworks. Also, her sculpture of miniature humans was really admired through the fair.

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