New Years Eve Celebrations around the world!

2020 was expected by everyone and the celebrations were as big as the expectations. Cities like Hong Kong, Berlin, Sydney, New York and more threw amazing shows full of surprises. So, with a new decade to come every spot of the world wants to celebrate what it will bring.

Epcot at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. 17.


As the first country to have a taste of 2020 Australia takes seriously the job. Therefore, the world stops to watch how Sydney lights up with out of this world fireworks. Using the Sydney Opera House as main scenario, crowds gather in the location. With over 1 million visitors and 1 billion watching worldwide it is an amazing event. 

New York

Who doesn’t dream with a New Year’s Eve in the city of lights. In fact, it is impossible not to imagine yourself watching the ball drop live. As said in Time magazine, this celebration has more than a million people gathering since the morning. Times Square is filled with confetti and amazing fireworks are thrown. And don’t forget the kiss tradition. With thousands of couples giving a NYE kiss it is sure to be a really romantic celebration!

Celebrations around the world

Istanbul celebrates with paper lanterns and amazing fireworks, symbolizing the wishes for the new year. Meanwhile, Beijing celebrations were linked to the Olympic Games. Showcasing what will be seen for the sports event. Berlin, prepares itself with parades and dancers through the day walking the city. On the other hand, in Japan priests prepare with prayers. Finally Dubai, prepares a firework show from one of their most important towers. As shown in The New York Times, the Burj Khalifa, lights up with an amazing show!  

Celebrations around the world are pieces of art planned through the year. With this in mind, we can only imagine what 2020 has in stored for the art scenarios! If you want to discover some events for 2020 check our blogs on art events. Also, if you want to discover new artists check our social media and YouTube channel.