D*Face, a creative mind running wild

Till Death Do Us Part by D*Face

Who is D*Face?

D*Face is an urban artist who started his career by creating a world full of imaginary characters as he calls them in his website. This evolved into paper, and later were transported into posters or stickers. Slowly his art became murals around the city that told a story and gave streets life. Not only his pieces are great, but they also have a message to them. D*Face, as said in ArtNet, focuses on consumerism and how it shapes everyday. With a media saturated life, it is easy to hop on in the consumerism bus. But his art break this pattern showing societies a different imaginary world full of nature and passion. 

Photo of D*Face posing in from of one of his murals


Keep your eyes open, because D*Face murals can be found in basically all the continents. For example, his “Goodbye Kitty” in Tokyo or “Bats” in Ecuador. His murals include pop-art and mass media characters, like Hello Kitty or Snoopy. Even though, they can be accepted by all publics, the message is clear. Consumerism and mass media is present on a daily basis for humanity. 


From enormous sculptures to miniature versions D*Face creates pieces that merge with cities. His pieces can be found in galleries or merged within cities. For example, his patterns are found adorning Starbucks Coffee shops. His sculptures are full of colors and have some sort of movement that makes them feel alive. It is amazing what an open and creative mind can accomplish. We do think, he is an artist whose imagination simply runs wild and everything can be expected for his future pieces.


As a close collaborative of Bansky we understand why D*Face decided to keep his identity secret for couple years. Until 2008 no one really knew who this amazing artist was. In 2008 he decided to open up to the world and we all discovered why he kept his identity to himself. He openly said his art should be critiqued by what it is, not who made it. Although, 12 years have passed if you want to discover his real name doesn’t appear in most articles. For us, D*Face simply his name no need for a complete identification, his work says enough.

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