Abu Dhabi Art Fair

This year the Abu Dhabi art fair will showcase its 12th edition. Great artists with over 50 global galleries will be present. Also, this fair is the meeting point for art and influential people. Actually, the United Arab Emirates’ government promote it. ArtNews did an interview with a ministry’s representative. He commented the fair wanted to innovate on Islamic art practices. 

2019 edition

For 2019, the fair opened two new sections. They showed Indian and Chinese culture. They reflect the migration present in the country. Galerie Magazine talked to the duo of artists Sun Yuan and Peng Yu about the Chinese exhibition. They stated this section saw the present and future of China. 

On the other hand, the Indian section “showed the creative output in the region.” Nadira Husain was part of it as well. She portrait Indian culture and history.

“New Horizons: China Today” section at the 11th edition of the fair

Things that make this fair different from western fairs

We could say this fair is mostly interactive. Actually, there are different areas where you can be part of the pieces. In addition, the buying and selling processes are different. For instance, women are the main buyers and the ones who chose what is bought. Although, men do participate in the process, women have the last word.  

Confused Arab, a great artist in the fair

Famous artist Confused Arab, surprised everyone with his amazing creativity. He has an ongoing representation of identity and cultural showcases. In 2017, he presented “Hammam Tomorrow.” A display that shows a beauty salon from another planet. As said in his website, he invites the public to discuss identities. Also, in 2019, he created pieces using people’s bags. The Abu Dhabi Art Fair website explained the whole process. The artist talked to random visitors. Later on, he scanned their bags and printed the results.

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