Okuda, a Lowbrow artist

Okuda is a Spanish painter born in Santander, Spain. He has amazing skills with colors and geometric shapes. His creations include murals, sculptures and events. With a degree in fine arts, he mixes his knowledge with his passion for urban art. In fact, his career started with graffiti on trains and walls. By 2009, he started to create more personal pieces in his studios, as said in Art Madrid’s website. Eventually, he started to get attention from media and different events. His pieces started leaving his hometown. USA, Australia and Japan, are just some of the countries that have Okuda present in their cities. 

His pieces question society’s freedom, life, the universe and the infinite, as said in his personal website. This questions are translated into pieces of colors full of shapes and even textures. His art is known for these elements. Soon, it became part of the Lowbrow movement.

Lowbrow art

This type of art is as its artists, a beautiful chaos. And, Okuda showcases a beautiful chaos of urban art. As said in WideWalls, Lowbrow started in LA around the 70s by underground cartoonists. It comes from the surf culture, punk music and humor. Not to mention, Lowbrow artists prefer posters, graffiti and street art. After all, it is a mix of the pop culture with surrealism. 

Kaos Temple

Kaos Temple, is an abandoned church turned into a skate park. Located in Asturias, Spain, it took the artist seven days to complete it. With a crowdfunding platform, he collected the money necessary to finish this piece. All the walls have shapes and colors that represent Okuda. Red Bull was a part of this project making the temple even more urban if that is possible. 

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