Practice your creativity: Simple tricks that will make you more creative

Many artists and creatives have suffered from a lack of creativity. What makes them different is how they react to this. Even brands we love, have a creative person behind who decided to practice some exercises to grow their productivity. So follow these tips and see how your creativity will start flowing. So, practice your creativity!

The Creativity of Worry by Karen Thompson Walker

Learn from everything

First of all, remember life is a living school. Learn from anything and everything you can. Creativity is born from daily activities. Watch movies, read different books, travel or just talk to people. You will discover there are many things you can learn and apply to your creative process. Also, choose someone you admire and try to study their ways and roads into creation. 

“Steal like an artist”

“Everything that can be invented has been invented,” Charles H. Duell. This doesn’t mean all we do is not an original. In fact, it means inspiration can also come from other artists. “Steal like an artist” by Austin Kleon is a book that shows you how to steal and create. This book is an amazing tool to generate new creativity and find your own style. Although, anything can help, be careful when choosing your source of creativity. As Mike Monteiro says in the book, “Don’t be afraid to steal, just steal the right stuff.” 

Steal like and artist by Austin Kleon

Ask, ask and ask a bit more

Also, ask everything you can. If you have any question, even when  you think is dumb, ask it! Actually, there is no worst question than the one you never did. This will give you new information you can use to create new ideas. The only rule here is: try to make the question that will actually help. 

Build your creativity

Given these points, remember that creativity is something you decide day by day. As John Cleese says, “Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating.” We usually tend to think creativity simply “comes” but it is actually built. For instance, exercises and books can give you a guide to what you are trying to achieve. Finally, another book we definitely recommend is “Show your work” by Austin Kleon. This book is a guide to share your work and get discovered. So, get your materials and start to practice your creativity!

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