Lemon Festival

Lemon Festival, celebrated every year in the French city of Menton, is a fruity event. It has been held for more than 100 years. This celebration has brought over 200,000 visitors each February. We can totally understand why. 140 tonnes of lemons build the gigantic structures as said in the official site.

8 Avenue Boyer, Menton, France photo by TripAways

How did it start

The Lemon festival as said in France.fr, marks the end of winter and the start of spring. With different events and shows time flies in this magical city. France Just For You, explains it started due to a hotelier. He decided to organize an exhibition of citric fruits in the garden of a hotel. People loved the themed festival. The year after they decorated streets with carts full of oranges.

Lemon Festival 2018, photo from Passport to Adventure

What does this amazing festival offer

Get ready! For 2020 the theme will be “Parties Around the World.” Giant floats, decorations, exhibitions and parades will be found. The days divide into different events. The main events include night parades, shows of lights and a day carnaval. Also, as said in France Just for You, other exhibitions happen throughout the festival. For example, the Palais de L’Europe will have a collection of orchids displayed. In addition, local artisans showcase their pieces in the Palais. 

Menton, a magical place

Not only the festival is a total gem. Menton is also an amazing town. Located on the edge of a crescent bay. Between Monaco and the Italian Riviera, it has an amazing climate. Also, due to its Italian influence, food is the perfect combination between both cultures, a post in The Guardian assures. Some dishes you will find are Barbajuan, a sort of ravioli and Pichade, which is like a tart or pizza. As you can see, Menton has everything for an amazing Festival!

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