Mozu, the artist behind a miniature world

Mozu is a young Japanese artist who has conquered the world of miniature models. He started his creations as a class project. Actually, his first work was an exact model of his room. It took him over 6 months to achieve perfection in the model. Every piece contains exact details of the real object. Even his collection of anime magazines come with content on the inside.

Starbucks Cold Brew model

Mozu created a model of their cold brew cup. This model portraits the procedure of the elaboration of the product. The first level of the model shows a coffee plantation. Coming next, he shows how they roast the blended coffee. After this procedure, it comes the extraction of coffee from the roasted process. Finally, a machine where cups are filled. Oh but that is not all. If you turn around you will find a cashier selling the coffee. Mozu completed this piece in five months.

Miniature Studio

Equally to the starbucks project and the room, Mozu created a Studio. This room includes different details with electricity and miniature pieces. Here you can find a computer with its little lights turning on and off. Also, there are papers scattered along the desk. And don’t forget about the materials he uses to create. They are also present!


And if you thought that was all Mozu creates, you will be as surprised as we are. He also create amazing drawings using different techniques. For example, he likes to create illusions using pencils and real objects. On the other hand, he also likes to create one line images. The results are amazing drawings full of color and tons of details!

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We leave you the links to Mozu’s world if you feel as curious as we were about his work: Twitter, Website, YouTube and Instagram.