Photography to Another Level, by The Koalitic Team

Photography just got to another level! Are you ready TikTok Fans? The Koalitic team has become viral all over the world due to their amazing creativity and talent. Composed by brothers Arnau and Jordi Koalitic, these creators have it clear when it comes to photography. With an amazing community of more than 17M followers on TikTok, they are one of the biggest accounts in Spain.

How did it all start?

Although, Jordi started his community on Instagram some time ago. He says what made him go viral was one of his photos where he uses a bottle of water. This made the brothers really appealing to the public. They use simple daily objects, to create amazing photos. His creations come from an idea of less is more. done with pencils, bottles, threads or even shoe laces.

Highlights of an amazing journey

Considering the brothers opened their TikTok account only last year, it is crazy to think where they currently are. Their work first started to become famous through Jordi’s Instagram account. Some months later their growth has been so exponential they recently released a collaboration with Will Smith and influencer Lizza. Also, they have travelled to certain cities like Dublin. Here they had the chance to teach some of their best tricks to local photographers.

The Koalitic brothers are for sure changing the game on social media and photography. They are spreading an amazing message: you can create anything you set your mind on! Also, don’t limit yourself because you don’t have crazy gadgets to create. As you can see the brothers show how simple objects can make great things!

Finally, if you want to know a bit more about this incredible artist check his Youtube Channel. Also, if you are looking for more inspiration head over our Social Media and our different blog posts!

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