Dino Tomic

Dino Tomic was born in Croatia, but has been living in Norway for most of his life. He’s been passionate about drawing since a young age, but it was when he was 16 years old that he decided to really start focusing on art. At that point he settled one goal, by the time he would be 26 years old he wanted to be a good/great artist known internationally. Hard work, talent, dedication, and sacrifice made that goal a reality. And now, passed the age of 26 years old, he is one of the most special and different artists in the world. 

His collection art projects is large and different; and his art pieces are not seen anywhere else. He simply does things that no one else does. 

In Quantastic we feel extremely happy and proud to have him as one of our ambassadors. Don’t miss out on his latest projects! Check out his social media to have your mind blown.


Emily - British Girl Bakes

For Emily, cakes began as a hobby but they ended up developing into her career back in 2011 when she started a cake business in Costa Rica. Since then, Emily has worked in three of the most renowned bakeries and now she enjoys sharing her recipes and advanced techniques with the world. She is not just a baker, her creations are something else!

Whether you are new to cakes or an experienced decorator looking for new ideas, you will find inspiration with Emily’s tutorials and featured courses.

And luckily for us, we can proudly say that Emily one of the Quantastic ambassadors! Check out her website and social media to know more about Emily and let her inspire you to your next creation!

James Lewis

James is an artist somewhat different from the rest. His talent is based on the drawing of handmade commercial logos. He is a lettering artist who shares his creative process through technique workshops, public speaking, and creating viral art videos. James has also worked for BBC, Samsung, Redbull, and many other renowned companies! His accuracy, at the level of a computer, is impressive and the videos in which you can see him doing his work can captivate your attention for hours.

Sena Runa

Once Sena decided to leave the corporate world for good, she opened a new page in her life and decided to follow her biggest passion, art! She loves bringing fruitful colors to the lives of others and she enjoys spreading her joy in many places around the world.

David Ambarzumjam

David is 20 years old artist living in Munich, Germany. He works with all kinds of different mediums, depicting the wonders of our universe in a surrealistic way.

He experiments with pencils, watercolors, acrylics and soft pastels, but lately, he has decided to focus his attention on oils to improve his skills and to create a large series of work that is both consistent and meaningful.

His recent growing collection of oil paintings titled "Brushstrokes in Time" is about juxtaposing what was, what is and what can be, using outer space as a canvas to tap into different times and places and explore how the force of nature and, above all, humanity shaped our earth.

Sanil Chitrakar

Sanil Chitrakar has Nepali origin, but he currently lives in San Francisco, California. He was born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal. Art has always been his favorite hobby since his early childhood.

When he was 32 years old he became a father. After his daughter came to his life he made some big changes in his lifestyle. As he started babysitting he had more free time, and he decided to give all his free time to art. From that point, in 2015, he started drawing everyday for at least 5 to 8 hours. Then he started drawing his favorite celebrities and shared those drawings on his social media. He started to get a lot of positive response from his followers which motivated him to keep drawing more and more. On 2017 came his turning point, when he posted a drawing of Ronaldinho Gaucho on his social handles, and Ronaldinho himself saw Sanil’s drawing shared it on his own social media, making Sanil’s drawing go viral. And just like that, he became popular internationally overnight.

Since then, being an international artist became his full-time job. Sanil is the pure example of passion and dedication.

Kei Han Goodman

Kei Han Goodman is calligrapher and artist behind Haniya Calligraphy Studio. Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, she works with clients and all over the world.

She loves that calligraphy combines creativity, design, and technical precision. She says she has always something new to learn, to develop, and to share with you!

C. Beatrix

Beatrix is a mixed-media artist, with a strong focus on watercolour and linework. Her aesthetics consists mainly in experimenting with intricate flowing lines,which she often incorporates into abstract and/or fantasy pieces.

The accuracy and cleanness of her works are just unbelievable!

Brandon Rollin

Brandon TRolin is a Colorado artist who specializes in dot paintings. Using thousands of colorful dots he creates intricate compositions that result in a feast for the eye. It’s fascinating that dots are so simple by nature, yet they combine to create very complex and beautiful patterns. A lot of his work is abstract with the goal of creating visual experiences that have never been seen before. He is always striving to evolve and create new patterns with the dots themselves. Along with this, he has incorporated woodworking into his process. More often than not his canvas consists of wood carvings of his own design, along with the occasional wildlife piece. Each one unique in their own way.

Simply an amazing thing to see.

Lorisity - Kareen Kalush

Kareen Kalush is the artist behind Lorisity. Her artworks are a fusion of worlds, a surreal vision that walks the line between reality and her wildest imagination. She is heavily inspired by an inner fantasy world where nature, wildlife and femininity combine, creating a mysterious and ethereal piece.

Her art is being appreciated by people all around the world. Whether you are a business, a private collector or simply someone who loves art creations; you shouldn’t miss her amazing works.